Owner and CEO of The Eco Media Production Group and Wild Guy Productions, Cliff Guy once said, “Language and communication is so important to all life on earth; it is our survival tool and an ability we must always respect” The power of the written word and what is achieved through communication is truly amazing. It is the basis for global education and interaction and the integral component for the expansive knowledge base humanity has developed. Eco Media itself, began with an idea that then flowed from pen to paper, and all of our visual media and Wild Guy Station work relies on sound, professional writing and communication skill to achieve maximum results. Cliff started his long, successful media career as a songwriter, before studying journalism and writing for artists, television, magazines and productions. 25 years later, Cliff and his highly skilled team of media and photojournalism professionals have a vast, well published track record and unparalleled passion for what they do.

We have included a selection of easy-reading magazine stories below for your enjoyment and to download, and we look forward to the opportunity of working on your venture or bring your concept to life.