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ECO MEDIA PRODUCTION GROUP (EMPG) was established in 2006 by actor, TV presenter and singer-songwriter Cliff Guy.  At the time, alongside his live performances as a lead singer, Cliff was working on Australia’s highest rating fishing and adventure television series, Escape with ET. Cliff’s roles for 7 years on this series were co-hosting with sport-star Andrew Ettingshausen, story directing and theme song writer-performer. 

Cliff’s fascinating nature-focused adventure stories and genuine character became incredibly popular and he could see a need for quality eco-focused productions worldwide. Not only for television but for web, organisations and businesses to tell their stories in a changing digital world. 

Eco Media was created and developed as a visual-media production unit; working with scientists, corporations, community and government organisations. With an expanding portfolio Cliff successfully integrated his photo-journalism into the mix, with countless nature and adventure stories published.

Eco Media Production Group and Wild Guy Productions now provide our rock-solid engine room for our own visual media production requirements.