Wild Guy Station

Just outside of the quaint and historic township of Nana Glen, on the New South Wales Coffs Coast is the magnificent Wild Guy Station; a stunning 115 acre property, 100% off the grid, with an abundance of fresh water, organic gardens and native wildlife. Established in late 2013 by Eco Media Production Group and Wild Guy Productions owner and director Cliff Guy, Wild Guy Station is an oasis, nestled amidst a lush and beautiful forest landscape.

Situated just a short drive from pristine Coffs Coast beaches and the Coffs Harbour CBD, and just a stone’s throw from the home of superstar Russel Crowe, Wild Guy Station is encircled by a crystal clear creek and has 2 large dams, one spring fed and alive with native waterbirds and freshwater turtles. This magnificent property enjoys what is considered the most favourable climate in the world and hosts extensive walking and riding trails through magnificent eucalypt and rainforest country.

Cliff and his partner Sandi believe in practising what they promote in their day to day life and their businesses, designing and building to maximise on nature's seasons and sustainable energy. Wild Guy Station's home and studios are powered by the sun and watered by rain, with over 100 of the 115 property acres left for wildlife and natural ecologies to flourish. A highly sophisticated stand-alone solar system provides ample 240 volt power, whilst the huge in-ground water tank offers abundant cool, clean water year round. The home and studio are constructed using solid governor king bricks to maximise temperature efficiency and positioned to capitalize on the thermal energy and cross flow breeze ventilation. The dwelling maintains an average of between 14 and 24 degrees internally throughout the seasons with absolutely no heating or cooling.

This incredible property has been developed and shaped with expansive camping grounds and idyllic filming and photography locations; home of The Wild Guy concept series and soon to become a totally unique destination in itself where people can stay, relax or be entertained and enjoy the magic that only Wild Guy Station can deliver. 

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